“Sweetness but good for health,” the ultimate herb sugar suppression. Picks from the farm organic stevia 100% of the Pattarapong Sommitr (DEW) with the best weed species. It has a sweet taste without the bitter taste insert. Way of modern agriculture that does not use chemical fertilizers. Do not rely on pesticides and herbicides nontoxic to the production process. Since harvesting stevia leaf to meticulous quality and drying with clean solar standard. From the Department of Energy It also found anti-oxidants in stevia highest among vegetables – herbs. We started plant of organic stevia 100% since 2004 by a group of farmers in the area. And has been marketed since 2009 with the aim of appreciating and extraordinary properties of the herb stevia. The good health of those who love herbs. Decided to seriously study the research. The lead investment herb stevia plant. Stevia is a herb farm and branded ESTEVIA to consumers today.

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