How good? Stevia


1. Organic 100% for those who love to drink tea, but do not want the caffeine.
2. Helps reduce blood presure, cholesterol fat with natural sweetness. 0% calorie and good for those with diabetes, high blood pressure, and weight control.
3. There is a very high anti oxidant compounds in vegetables - herbs help slow aging and protect cancer-causing toxins of all kinds.
4. without any side effects.

Compare sweeteners

sweetenerstastecalories/gramweight control
Diabetes Patients
tooth decayremark
Fructosegood4notyesa lot of juice
good2.6notnotdiarrhea if have a lot
Erythritolgoolest 0.2yesnotvery expensive
Aspartamesweet0yesnotdon't hot cooking , don't use in Phenylketonuri patients.
Acesulfame-K ,Saccharinbad0yesnota bitter taste of metal.